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Here are some things people have said about me and my work...

"Claire is the natural heir to Julie Walters, and I really mean that: brave, funny but always truthful and ultimately beautifully poignant."

- Nicholas Hutchison

Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA), Actor, Director, London.

"As leading lady of the company she gave time and energy to encouraging others and sets a standard of professional excellence. I worked with the Royal Shakespeare Company for many years and she reminded me of a young Judi Dench. Her industry, vision and application is remarkable. In person she is sweet natured, kindly, genuinely funny a young woman who wears her fierce determination and strength with touching modesty and elfin charm."

- the late Bille Brown  (Australian stage, film and television actor and acclaimed playwright, Member of the Order of Australia)

"Claire is a talented actress & teacher who inspires as she guides. She is incredibly kind, vivacious, organised and disciplined"

- Briony Dunn (NIDA Directing Graduate, Teacher and Head of Acting at Acting Performance Studio Australia)

"Claire’s talents as an actor are unmistakable and have been expressed in reviews and by her peers for as long as I have known her. She works very hard and takes training and development very seriously. Once Claire commits to a project, she gives her utmost."

- Rob Pensalfini, Artistic Director, Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble

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