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Claire Pearson

Stats: 5'4, Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown
Degree: Bachelor of Fine Arts (Acting) QUT 2008
Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Willing to travel 



VICTORIAN COUNTY COURT   Defense Barrister    Director: Catherine Gough-Brady

MILQUETOAST          Jenny                    Director: Neal Engelbrecht- VCA Masters Film

THE CARDBOARD BOX           Amercian Newsreader      Ignition Productions

BESSER & CO          Young couple         Producer: Anastasia Fai- Style & Image



A DAY IN THE LIFE OF KRISTEN STEWRT   Lead/ Producer/ Writer  Dir: Tamy Weller


HE SAYS, SHE SAYS  She    Tim Perri –Tim Perri Productions

SISTERS                                    Briony Dunn 

THE PROPOSAL       Anne                    Producer:  Anatasia Fai- Style and Image 

DIE VIOLINE            Waitress         Simon Temple- Griffith Univeristy

(Cannes Film Festival Shorts Coner, Cambridge Film Festival

LIVING TOGETHER    Beth     Mac and Pear Productions

REEF N BEEF (Feature)             Shell       Nana Asomani-Poku    Paint Dry Productions

CRAZY LITTLE THING   Claire      Morgan - Bobblehead Production

GIFT WRAPPER            Lead        Writer and Producer

Nominated most original writing, Queensland New Film Maker Awards 2010

JUCY  (Feature)                                       Louise Alston - Bunker Productions

YEARS         Lead                Kate Sherrington     QCA

Winner: Queensland New Filmmaker Award Best Femlae Actress Award 2008

ALL MY FRIENDS ARE LEAVING BRISBANE (Feature)  Louise Alston - Bunker Productions

UNFINISHED STORY       Kavit Mody      QUT Graduate Film

THE TARGET                       Erin Houselander/ Luis A Brand       48 Film Festival

WAITING  ROOM              Sophia Sourris          QPIX

HIGH FASHION                   Fehraz Films

I'VE MET THE DEVIL            Luke Wright      QCA 


Standard American

American (South)

English-  RC, Cockney






Jive Dancing

Dance- Jazz, tap, ballet (Basic)

Drums, piano (Basic)



ESTHER HICKS IS VIBRATIONALLY SPEAKING Melbourne International Comedy Festival  Actor/Writer/Producer  

Director: Elizabeth Millington

TITUS ANRONICUS               Lavinia                              Burning House Theatre, Director: Rob Johnson, VCA Theatre

MEEKA      Bec   Hoy Polloy & Act-o-matic 3000      fortyfivedownstairs, Melbourne

BATTLEFIELD BLUES      Writer, Producer      Abbotsford Convent, Melbourne Fringe Festival

THE PAVILION     Narrator        Byron Bache              Boutique Theatre, Melbourne

DOG SEES GOD: CONFESSIONS OF A TEENAGE BLOCKHEAD    Tricia   Byron Bache   Boutique Theatre, Melbourne

LA GURRE           Senora            Julian Dibley-Hall     Underground Cinema, Melbourne

WATER               Spiritual Woman    Julian Dibley-Hall    Underground Cinema, Melbourne

MONA BROW WILLIAMS- Roma st Parkland Tour    Mona Brow Williams  Elizabeth Millington

LOVE'S LABOR'S LOST      Sir Nathaniel          Nick Hutchison  Royal Adcademy of Dramatic Art (London)

AN OAK TREE             Guest Actor            Todd McDonald       Queensland Theatre Company

TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA     Speed      Rob Pensalfini,   Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble

THE NIGHT, MY BROTHER AND ME       Girl        Sandra Gattenhof    LittleBig Productions/ Laboite Theatre Company

SOME DUMB PLAY      Claire    Nathan Sibthorpe      Metro Arts, Brisbane

RICHARD III           Princess Anne     Tom McSweeney,    Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble


SHAKESPEARE'S SHORTS    Juliet, Gertrude, Prince, Ophelia   Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble

HOLY GAUCAMOLE                  Camille                Daniel Evans- The Good Room

CAMINO ROYALE                   Mel Shapiro    QUT

ROAD                                        Oliver Torr       QUT

TWELFTH NIGHT                 Viola            Bille Brown     QUT

THREE SISTERS     Natasha     Michael Futcher   QUT

Training & Workshops

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Acting), Queensland University of Technology (QUT), 2008
Shakespeare Summer Program- Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, RADA, 2011
16th Street Directors Masterclass, Alkinos Tsilimidos

Audition Masterclass- Tom McSweeney, McSweeneyNewman

Casting Director workshops- Alison Telford, Cinzia Coassin, Nathan Lloyd & Jane Norris
Comedy text, Malcolm Sinclair, MEAA

Impro Melbourne- Spontaneity & Narrative

Impro- Vinny Francois- The first twenty seconds

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