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It's been a busy time!

Not only did I just run a Shakespeare workshop on the weekend which I really hope gave everyone who attended more confidence & joy in their Shakespeare monologues as they prepare for auditions (join my email list to hear about the next one) but am in the midst of rehearsals for "Titus Andronicus" with Burning House theatre under the direction of VCA (Victorian College of the Arts) Master Student Robert Johnson. Come along- it's on from the 27th- 29th of October at the Open Stage Theatre at the University of Melbourne.

It has been great to explore the language, depth and humanity which Shakespeare offers in all his plays once again! Not only that, but apart from the language, Titus is such a physical show with 12 deaths! Thanks Shakespeare!

On the flip side, if you're interested in working on film or always wanted to give camera acting a go but never have, I'm running Acting for Camera for beginners at the Centre for Adult Education in November.

See you at the theatre!


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