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Fairfax Youth Initative

For the last two weeks, I have been part of the Fairfax Youth Initiative. It's a fantastic opportunity for youth who live in regional areas to get involved with the arts.

I have worked with 7 teenagers to create their own 10 minute performance on the theme of "Art & Revolution". The are 5 other schools involved and we will all show our performances this coming week in Swan Hill.

It was a great reminder of the creative process for me and I hope the students get a lot out of it. Not only does collaborating on something give ones self purpose, a project like this connects arts out of the CBD and encourages creativity and engagement in a wider context.

I'm really looking forward to seeing the performances of the students and how 6 different groups will have a different approach to one theme. I'm also looking forward to the performances of "15 minutes from anywhere' performing their hit "The Yellow wave" and Beau Heartbreaker, all the the Swan Hill Town Hall later this week.

Divising theatre is not easy work- it is scary and takes lots of vulnerability as you don't have a script to go back to. But divising a piece of theatre again has really made me realise just how creative the theatre is and how it gives those who engage in it so many skills which are useful in every day life- communication, group work and building trust with team players. Chookas to all involved and thanks to the Fairfax Team!

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